The Stories of Michelle Rodriguez

The Angels and Demon Chronicles

The Devil's Galley, Book One



Captained by one of God’s fallen angels, the Devil’s Galley collects souls lost at sea and brings them to their eternal damnation.  Since childhood, Maggie Sloane has been the only one able to see its ghostly image upon the sea, drawn to it as if it is her destiny.  Haunted by visions of sin and damnation, one night, she leaps off a cliff and unwittingly ends up saved and a passenger on the ship of the damned on a journey to hell.

The fallen angel Rafe is a reaper for Satan.  He cannot explain his unacceptable attraction to a mortal girl, rescuing her from treacherous death and damnation with an uncommon hope to save her soul.  As they travel to hell and back with the devil after Maggie's pure soul, Rafe must choose between his loyalty to a necessary task and the girl he was never supposed to love.  Will his love be the very key to her eternal damnation?




Maggie heard the little gargoyle's greeting, but it took a long moment of forced compliance to lift her heavy eyes. First, she saw boots, stopping before her at a modest distance, and with the weary raise of her head, she took in a seemingly mortal shape. Then the breath left her lungs in a hiccupped gasp. 

To call the man standing before her beautiful would have been vastly understating what she saw. Beautiful was a mortal's word for aesthetically pleasing to behold. This man was…perfect—breathtaking in his immaculate flawlessness. His features looked as if they couldn't possibly be real, as if they must have been sculpted out of white stone: the pronounced shape of his cheekbones, the perfect line of his nose, the graceful arch of his lips. Dark hair lay across an unmarred brow in gentle waves that seemed to whisper how indescribably soft they were to the touch. His skin gave similar, intimate revelations, bidding it would be as coolly smooth as the stone it resembled. It was peculiar not to have known a single touch, and yet be sure how it would feel if she did, …as if she had done this before. Her soul insisted its recognition in its twists and coils like a living thing within her. 

Dragging her inquisitive eyes to meet his, she felt an immediate shudder to her core. Those eyes were black as the night sky, piercing, locked on her and yet devoid of readable expression. All she could discern was a flash of hostility that he quickly let fade from her detection. 

"Your name." It was a flat command from the most beautifully golden voice she had ever heard. 

She was struck dumb for a held breath, staring at him as she attempted to comprehend what he wanted and why he was suddenly growing impatient. 

"Your name," he demanded a second time in a growl that shook awareness to the surface. 

"M…Maggie," she stammered with a tremble that was now induced by far more than cold. "Maggie Sloane." She never would have thought a visage so beautiful could create an expression of such bitterness. She was sure at that moment that he hated her, and she could not fathom why. 

"Welcome aboard the Galley, Miss Sloane," he bid with restrained rage that gave a bite to his tone. "I trust this will be a voyage you will never forget." 

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The Pirouettes That Angels Spin, Book Two



Ashland, a heavenly angel, desperately loves Poe... But secrets from Poe’s past rip them apart and Poe is forced to Earth to live among mortals. Dancing becomes her new life, but it isn't enough. Carrying her secrets and facing unbearable choices, Poe takes her own life. Devastated and grieving, Ashland discovers a way to travel back through time to be with Poe once more. Will he be able to survive on Earth and can he stop history from repeating itself to save the woman he loves? 

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And Angels Will Fall, Book Three


 Gillian is marked for hell. She has spent her lifetime fighting the devil’s temptation, but his power is getting stronger. She fears it will only be a matter of time until she falls to her inevitable destiny, …but an angel wants to save her soul. Sebastian once gave up his place in heaven to save mankind. Desperate to avoid damnation, he spent centuries buried away in a cabin, terrified of the day temptation would arrive on his doorstep. Now it has come in the form of a girl marked for hell but meant for him. Saving her may be Sebastian’s final fall to condemnation, but giving her up would leave his heart to suffer eternally. Can he defeat the devil for Gillian’s soul, or will angels fall?


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Imprinted on a Demon's Heart, Book Four



I am a demon of hell. The things I’ve done… The things I still do… Most would call me evil, and they would be right. It’s in my bloodline. Son of the devil, prince of hell. I’m destined to be a monster, and 364 days a year, I fulfill that destiny. But for one night, I am more. The son of the devil is not supposed to know compassion or care. But I broke the rules; I fell in love. She’s never seen me. She doesn’t know a demon watches over her like a guardian angel. She is a dream, and demons are meant to have nightmares. …But things are about to change. “The time will come. And the world will stop, …and you will be mine.”

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