The Stories of Michelle Rodriguez

The Opera Ghost Unraveled


Before Christine’s father died, he promised to send the Angel of Music. As no more than a voice, her angel appeared, stealing her loneliness and teaching her to sing, but now she has fallen in love with him and wishes he were a man of flesh and bone who could love her in return. Under the guise of angel, Erik tries to find a window into Christine’s life. When being an intangible voice is no longer enough and the Vicomte de Chagny threatens his hold over her heart, truths must be revealed. As the illusion shatters and Christine learns her angel is really the disfigured Opera Ghost with a sin-filled soul, will Erik lose every chance at winning her love and claiming his happy ending?

First posted on an online forum, “The Opera Ghost Unraveled” has been read and adored by phans worldwide. It is a passionate variation of the original beloved story and shows the power of love’s transformation. As the omnipotent Opera Ghost “unravels” and exposes the vulnerable soul beneath the scars, love and obsession intertwine as Erik seeks to teach Christine to be brave and follow her heart.

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Manifestations of a Phantom's Soul, Volume One


I am so thrilled to announce that a collection of my Phantom stories is now available in print form!  This was a project that I've been asked to do for awhile now, and I finally had some time to get it together.  Included are 10 stories that have been previously posted and 2 that have not.  Hopefully, this will just be volume 1!!


"The Phantom of the Opera" is a story about love, obsession, music, and passion. For the past few years, published author Michelle Rodriguez has been sharing her stories with the Phantom community, exploring the original characters and giving them new adventures and reasons for hope. Take a journey with her through a love story as sensual as it is eternal.

"Manifestations of a Phantom's Soul" is a collection of ten of her most loved stories online combined with two that have never been read before. Whether in the mood for something dark and passionate or something sweet and romantic, you will find a story featuring the disfigured Opera Ghost and his true love and learn that it is more than a face that defines a man.

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Manifestations of a Phantom's Soul, Volume Two


Continue a journey through the catacombs of the opera house in the epic love story of The Phantom of the Opera. Published author Michelle Rodriguez brings you 10 more of her most loved stories, previously posted for the “phans”, and a few from her vaults. There is something for everyone on the pages of Manifestations of a Phantom’s Soul, volume 2 as a man seeks to prove he is more than the portrait of his face and that love can transform a soul.

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