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Opera Macabre



Count Aiden de Lazarus has grown apathetic to the world around him and the monotony of immortal life. Determined to regain his zest for vampiric pursuits, he chooses a mortal girl and bites her with the intent to drain her. Instead, her intoxicating taste and enchanting beauty stirs feelings he has long buried. Scared by such mortal feelings, he gives her to another vampire as payment for a debt.

After eight long years, Bianca is still living a cursed life—singing on stage in Alexi's profitable opera and enduring the bites of the undead as part of his undercover auction when the stage lights dim. Doomed to become Alexi’s vampire bride, her future is bleak.

Aiden is horrified to find Bianca still alive and Alexi’s prized possession. Her image has continued to haunt him. Now he must find a way to free her from the life he unwittingly condemned her to and prove that he, unlike the vampires she has known, can be a man worth loving.


“Bianca,” he whispered provocatively near her ear, and felt her entire frame quiver in his grasp. With a wolf-like grin curling his lips, he bent nearer to that tempting pulse of her throat, but instead of biting her as he so ached to do, he grazed his lips against it, a feather light kiss, eliciting a soft, strangled gasp from her. Unable to help himself, he grew bolder in his endeavors and let the very tip of his tongue trail the same path.

Unwelcome and yet uncontrollable heat filtered through her body as it arched against him, desperate to get closer to that devil’s mouth. The voice in her head that should have been screaming at her to stop was only muttering fragments of musings, lost as well to the sensation, as she found herself unable to do anything but surrender.

Aiden burrowed his mouth against her throat, covering the sensitive flesh with seductive kisses. His tongue darted between his lips, teasing, tasting as she writhed fervently against him.

“Bianca,” he breathed again between kisses, “what is it that you want?”

“You!” she heard herself gasp out as though someone else had spoken.

“Oh? And what do you want me to do to you?” He gently nipped at her pulse, hinting at his desire, his hunger tearing at him to be satiated.

“Bite me… Oh, please devour me, Aiden!”

Daydreaming Roses and Fairytale Monsters


Channing is a vampire who has spent his immortal existence on a mission. He’s never had time for the pleasures of living or to mourn his lost mortality until one fated night when he crosses the path of an innocent mortal girl and falls hopelessly in love.

Rose has lived her life sheltered from the rest of the world. With no one but her beloved sisters as allies, she spends her days half lost in fairytales, creating stories of the world she has yet to know and believing in a true love she is destined to feel. When Rose becomes the object of Channing’s heart and obsession, dreams of fairytales become nightmares of monsters. In a love story as dark as it is destined, Channing seeks to prove to Rose that love defines the heart of a monster and can transform any beast into a man. 



One choice, one act, and everything Rose had ever believed exploded in a burst of rainbow colors.  “Oh…”

            The softest sound escaped her lips like the coo of a wounded dove, and it penetrated the monster before her and seemed to find the man buried within.  In absolute horror, the creature lifted his mouth from the throat of an unconscious gentleman and regarded her observing presence with an urgent moan.  Her light brown eyes fanatically shifted between the red-eyed monster she had only just shared a dance with and the man he haphazardly held, …the bleeding wounds dripping red down a pristine collar.

            “Rose.”  The monster cringed, the huskiness upon his voice thick and undeniable, and merely the motion of his lips granted Rose images of white, glistening teeth.  …Teeth, fangs, sharp enough to rip through skin…

            Rose couldn’t breathe; she gasped shallow gulps of stinging, chilled air as her entire frame shook down every limb.  Too afraid to run, too afraid to scream, petrified in place.  Was it truly only minutes ago that the face before her had seemed like the answer to her innermost dreams and so very familiar to her soul?  Now all she saw was the stranger he truly was, a monster when her heart had glimpsed so much more and had gullibly believed.

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