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 Phantom of the Opera has always been one of my greatest obsessions and passions.  There is just something so alluring about a genius, passionate musician with the voice of an angel.  I've been writing phantom stories for years, and I am thrilled to share them.  They are all Erik/Christine pairings; I am NOT a Raoul fan, sorry to all the Raoul lovers out there.  Every story is very different from the last, and I hope anyone who reads them will enjoy them and maybe gain a new or deeper love for Phantom of the Opera.

art by: B. Armstrong


Blessed Are The Forgotten After the unmasking, Christine escapes to a vacant church, seeking answers to her destroyed illusions, only to find herself once again at the mercy of Erik's wrath.

A Twist In My Story Told from Christine's POV, this story deals with her twisting emotions and confusion as she has to learn how to accept Erik in her life as a man and not an angel.

 The Wedding Night (NC-17)


  Believing Erik to be dead, Christine marries Raoul, hoping to finally have her happy ending. But what happens when Erik returns to claim her once again as his?



  And with a kiss, I sealed my fate.

Standing In My Place 


  Five months after the story ends, Christine returns to the opera, finally knowing what she wants, but is it too late for it to be hers?

So Let Go (NC-17)

  An alternate ending, Christine must face her darkest desires to learn what loving Erik truly means.

A Love Worth Lying For    During rehearsals for the phantom's opera, Christine and Erik have a confrontation and a final desperate plea that could alter everything.

In the Presence of Angels (NC-17)

  After the final scene, Christine returns to the opera to save Erik and is once again torn over what her heart truly wants.

Dreaming With Your Eyes Closed    Instead of letting her go with Raoul, Erik makes Christine stay with him. In an attempt to understand what she truly wants, she proposes a game of pretend: to pretend to love each other. But where does the game end and reality begin?

An Angel's Duet (NC-17)

  After the Masquerade, as the cast prepares to perform the phantom's opera, Christine returns to her teacher for help.

Choices and Perceptions (NC-17)    "I made the choice..." Christine makes her choice with love at its core, but in the midst of a marriage with the opera ghost, will Erik ever be able to see her heart?

A Heartbeat

  As a certain peace prevails between Erik and Christine after the unmasking, he attempts to teach her about the essence of his music.

The Bliss of Ignorance

  Sometimes it's better to believe a lie when the truth turns angels into demons. Christine must face the horrible consequences to reality and the questions of her own heart.

Lie To Me (NC-17)

  "…temptation is black and temptation is strong. I had been unable to resist another taste and then another and another until my soul was tarnished, and purity became only a bittersweet memory."

Loved Like A Fairytale

  …I believe in fairytales….

A Revenant's Love Story (NC-17)

  The Vicomte makes a final attempt to keep Erik out of Christine's life.

Walking Through Fire

  Christine travels to the other side of the world to reclaim her love.

Untouchable (NC-17)

  A love story for a phantom.

Angels and Devils

  The beginning: Erik poses the lie, and Christine believes that angels exist.

The Unlikely Hero

  After the chandelier's fall, Christine regrets her actions, and Erik regrets the consequences of his temper.

Measure of a Man (NC-17)

  How much can one tempt the darkness before it burns in return?

To Look With Blinded Eyes

  I should have let her go….

The Opera Ghost Unraveled (NC-17)   To find the true man beneath the mask, Christine must unravel the Opera Ghost from every role he chooses to play and show him what it really means to love.

Fire and Ice (NC-17)

  Sometimes it takes a storm to bring hearts together.

An Evening of Query    An evening without judgment, a loss of inhibition, and the start of something new.

A Lesson In Desire (NC-17)    Erik's music inspires Christine's awakening to desire.

A Beautiful Lie (NC-17)    In an effort to earn her happy ending, Christine accepts Erik's proposition and learns love through pretend.

The Heart of Love (NC-17)    "Sacrifice is the heart of love…"

Monsters and Masks (NC-17)    After six months of separation, Erik attends the Masquerade Ball, desperate for one touch.

The Anatomy of a Kiss    Christine laments the final night at the opera and the importance of a kiss.

Where Nightmares End and Dreams Begin (NC-17)

  Erik holds Christine to her choice and seeks a new life together.

Let It Bleed (NC-17)    An aggressive outburst and its consequences.

Kiss Me Alive    Told in Erik's POV, a stolen pleasure and its inevitable guilt.

Fever Dreams    An unfortunate event helps Christine find her angel again.

Forget Me Not (NC-17)    An accident causes Christine to lose her memory, and Erik seeks to rewrite their story for her.

Captivated (NC-17)    Beginning after Erik first takes Christine away, she still believes in angels, and he still has hope. But as hope fades, the darkness takes control.

Make A Wish    The significance of a birthday.

Scripted In Love's Scars (NC-17)    I prayed love marked me again and again in scar after scar and showed the world that I belonged to Christine…

Reality Contrived (NC-17)

  It's never wise to tangle with the Opera Ghost.